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My monitor is a control monitor brightness software

Monitor shows too bright?
Easier on the eyes when reading from the screen?
Want to tweak your monitor's settings without having to use its slow, inefficient menus?
MyMonic brightness control app for your monitor.
MyMonic is free application for Windows.
Goodbye to headaches and eye strain.

Program MyMonic - version 1.2 screenshot in windows 10
The program MyMonic, allowing you to easily and quickly adjust the brightness of your monitor and graphics card with the mouse, without the need to call OSD menu of the monitor.
The main feature of the program MyMonic that the bundle of brightness settings for the monitor and video card, there is a possibility
to make the brightness of the screen is less than the minimum value of the monitor.
After installation and launch, the program adds an icon in the system tray of Windows, which can display the main program window to adjust the brightness of the screen.
By reducing the brightness of your screens, MyMonic helps to protect your eyes.

Features of the program MyMonic.
At this point, the software has basic control functions of the monitor.
- change monitor brightness, contrast, and backlight settings.
- advanced settings brightness, contrast, gamma card,
now all three parameters are combined into a single balanced regulator.
- Get Display Brightness Control
- Display SmartContrast MyMonic

About the plans.
Gradually, the functionality will be added and improved.
In addition to adjusting brightness, will be added the following:
- change the monitor's sharpness settings.
- to translate the monitor in a low power mode.
- preset profiles for reading, reduce eye fatigue.
- quickly create and call a stored profile settings.
- use the swivel function of the monitor. 
- change the brightness of multiple desktop monitors.

Thank you for showed interest in the program MyMonic , I hope You will be satisfied with my modest contribution to the ease of the computer.
If You have questions or suggestions email me through the form on the contact page.
Good luck!

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